Monday 27 April marks the return of South Africa’s creativity fueled Afrikaburn festival! Since 2007 Afrikaburn has served as South Africa’s regional platform for the legendary Burning Man Festival.

Afrikaburn takes place in the arid Tankwa Karoo in the Northern Cape on a private farm called Stonehenge and offers seven days of art, performance, music and creative expression.




If you aren’t familiar with this huge phenomenon, here’s what it’s all about:
Afrikaburn is a community of “burners” guided by the same set of principles that shaped the creation of Burning Man – adding a new one, “Each One Teach One” which encourages shared knowledge. Their principles are all about creative collaboration, value of society, immediate experience, act of gifting, respect for the environment, inner discovery and radical self-expression. However, there are no cash transactions, if you need something you will have to make an exchange or just simply ask. These principles are by no means rules but rather ideals that offer guidelines to how we can reinvent our world.




Of course our favourite part is self-expression using creative costumes and being whatever you want to be.

We suggest going all out for this one! Rock some faux fur, sequins, crazy sunglasses, elaborate accessories and over-the-top makeup. Nothing is too much – or too little for that matter.




What makes this art festival so special is that you are not only the audience, but you are a part of the show – this is the place to let go and be free. The party is not in one designated area and can happen anywhere at any time – and it will. You can enjoy theme camps, elaborate costumes and radical art installations all around.




Afrikaburn comes to a close on the last night when the desert sky is lit up by the burning of the San Clan, a sculpture representing San rock art signifying unity of the burner community.




If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience, you will love Afrikaburn – transforming the Martian wasteland of dust and metallic rock into a glorious landscape of shifting shapes, colours and sound.



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