Jun 06

Get Lucky


Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day by many and as a result has vastly become associated with many superstitions, urban legends and of course horror icon Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th movie franchise.




So in the spirit of all this superstition and horror, we have put together a few tips as this “day of dread” is only one week away – better be prepared!

Don’t go swimming
Don’t have sex
Don’t smoke
Don’t drink
Don’t go out
Don’t split up
Don’t go check where the weird noise is coming from
If you trip, get up and run
Turn on the lights before entering any room


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But Friday the 13th is not a total downer! We felt like spreading some good luck next Friday by giving you all
25% OFF all purchases online! Simply use the code “LUCKY13” at checkout to claim your discount!


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Have a creepy day and don’t look under your bed…



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