Being able to create bruises the pain-free way can be helpful when you have no idea what to dress up as for Halloween, when you have a restriction on the extravagance of your costume or maybe you just want to dress up as a roller derby skater. Become a hanged, murdered or zombified version of yourself with some makeup, fake blood and the help of this tutorial.

In this tutorial we are going to make a strangulation bruise around the neck. Pay attention to the concentration of the makeup in areas where the fingers would have groped the throat. For credibility purposes it is better to use matte makeup rather than makeup that shimmers, because unlike vampires bruises do not glitter.

Let’s get to it then!


Step 1:



Start with brown eye shadow. Apply the eye shadow to the general area you want bruised and blend outwards. Inconsistency is fine since bruises usually are darker closer to the source of impact.


Step 2:



Apply purple eye shadow to where the bruise will be, copying the shape of the supposed weapon. Here you can see where the fingers held the throat.


Step 3:



Lightly apply red eye shadow over the purple, especially around the centre of the bruise. This will make the bruise look tender and fresh. Blend it into the brown eye shadow and your bruise is complete.


Optional Step 4:

To complete this specific bruise we added fake blood to the corners of the mouth indicating a burst vein in the neck!

Stay Creepy!







Chris ( THE LOT Kloof)


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