In the spirit of Youth Day we decided to bring you our top choices on all things teen movie nostalgia!


Top 5 Teen Movies

Who can forget this 90’s classic about the Beverly Hills rich girl who goes out of her way to boost a new student’s popularity! Clueless is known for over the top headwear, plaid skirts teamed with knee high socks, cute crop tops and of course the well-known phrases like “Whatever” and “As iff.”

We all wished we had Cher’s closet along with her computer to match up the perfect outfit for the day.


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Soundtrack: The Muffs – Kids In America


Mean Girls (2004)

This teen comedy needs no introduction. Mean Girls has gained cult status among many girls and even guys alike, with their witty phrases that have spread like wildfire, inspiring fashion slogans, meme’s and many inside jokes among those who have seen movie.

Best known catch phrases are “You can’t sit with us.” “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” “So fetch.” “None for you, Gretchen Wieners” and “You go Glen Coco.” Of course there is also the infamous Burn Book – the holy grail of mean girl comments which causes a crazy girl fight at the school.



Soundtrack: Missy Elliott ft. Busta Rhymes – Pass That Dutch


The Breakfast Club (1985)

One of the ultimate 80’s movies that speaks to all! Five high school students that each represents the typical high school stereotypes, all have to spend a Saturday together during detention and realize they have more in common than they thought. Characters featured are the princess, the criminal, the brain, the basket case and the athlete.


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Soundtrack: Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me)


Jawbreaker (1999)

Things take a darker turn at Reagan High when three of the most popular girls in school accidentally kill the prom queen with a jaw-breaker after a birthday prank goes horribly wrong. When it comes to fashion extremes, these girls go all out! Bright colours, wet look leatherette, twin sets and statement accessories – the bolder the better!



Soundtrack: Imperial Teen – Yoo Hoo



The Craft (1996)

If you are intrigued by the occult and all things dark and mysteries, you must have seen this awesome supernatural horror! Four outcast teenage girls at a Catholic prep high school conjure up spells and curses by practicing witchcraft. This is also a 90’s fashion feast with loads of cute high waisted skirts, oversized jackets, crop tops, suspenders, lace-up boots and leather jackets. The perfect inspiration for today’s pastel goth admirer.


craftscreenshot-med-121craft-1 (1)1F-CTJ27351

Soundtrack: Our Lady Peace – Tomorrow Never Knows



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